Oversheeting is the process of fitting a corrugated cladding on top of the old roof instead of completely removing the old roof and installing new ones. In this process, the original roof stays in place while a propriety spacer bar system is installed to support the new cover. Aside from added protection, the property also gets additional insulation.

Most people would prefer oversheeting because of its benefits.

  1. There is very minimal disruption. You don’t have to move to a new location or building since the old roof will not be removed. You can continue doing business as usual as we work on your roof.
  2. There is added insulation. Most oversheeting systems has a foam insulation that is integrated in between the panels.
  3. It is cost effective. Oversheeting solutions today are compact and light. Compared to a new roof, oversheeting is easier to fit.

Oversheeting does the job. It gives your building a much needed facelift at such an affordable price. Aside from that, it also provides an added insulation so you reduce your energy usage and save up on your energy costs.

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