Roof lights and fans help enhance the environment inside the building. It provides natural light and added ventilation. This not only benefits the staff and the customers, it also helps reduce the company’s electricity bills or lighting costs.

Our team of professionals can install or replace existing rooflights and transform your building into a light and airy one. Roof light renewals can be accomplished without disrupting your daily activities. You can remain functional as we work on your roofs.

There are different types of rooflights that we can work with:

Insulating Rooflights. This is a cost effective rooflight that can be incorporated into roofs. It is delivered on-site and ready to be installed.

Modular Vault Rooflights. This is suitable for roofs that are flat, pitched or curved.

Solid Polycarbonate Sheet. This has a shatter resistance of up to 200 times that of glass. This is perfect for canopy glazing.

Roof Ventilation
An adequately ventilated roof is essential as it improves productivity and enhances the environment. Having one could bring about several benefits.

  • It prevents heat exhaustion.
  • It reduces the exposure to airborne and hazardous substances therefore preventing the risk of the workers being ill.
  • It reduces the cost of electricity
  • It makes the environment more comfortable therefore the workers are more productive.

T Samuels Commerial & Industrial Roofing can help you transform your place so it is more pleasant and airy. Contact us today.